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Saarde Muum Walnut Candle Holder Set


Muum Tapered Candle Holders Sets are handmade by artisans using traditional woodturning techniques in Türkiye using walnut brunches.  

You can expect variations in shape, wood grain, colour, and surface. You may find little divots here and there or small cracks in the timber. They are all individual for colour/grain variations. The photo only presents the shape and walnut texture. Imperfections are to be expected, and that's what we love about them!

Durable and water resistant
Designed in Australia
Made in Turkey
Set of 3 : Large, Medium and Small

Large | H: 16.5cm, D : 5cm Bottom, 4cm Top 
Medium |  H: 14.5cm, D : 5cm Bottom, 4cm Top
Small | H: 12.5cm, D: 5cm Bottom, 4cm Top

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